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Our Beings of Light Unite Blog went live March 2015 — We apologize for no recent updates–we went “behind the scenes” again to work privately with a group of people.  Many amazing transformations are occurring with them.   We WILL have a LOT to share soon.  Thank you for your patience as we focus on evidence and strategies for the BIGGER picture of our Collective Great Awakening and the Great Transfer of Wealth!

Recognizing “The Designed Assault Against Humanity’s Awakening” &
“The Enslavement / Deception Matrix”

We are living through unprecedented challenging times filled with disinformation, deception, and illogical infiltration that blocks projects, financial abundance, a lack of Self Love AND Sacred Partnerships in our personal lives.  On a big picture, the mass consciousness and vibration across the planet, is a world-wide experience of survival, fear and lack of thriving.  Does this ring true for your life?  Have you experienced the Law of Attraction NOT working… even when you focus on it?

So…What the HELL is going on?  Are you ready to TRANSCEND the duality?

Yes, more and more people are waking up to the (insane) truths of this (hidden hand) reality – which we refer to as the “Deception / Enslavement Matrix Reality”.  If you’ve been wondering how could things be this upside down or trying to make logical sense of the big picture, you’re not crazy, there’s been a powerful and very effective strategy from beings that want to maintain control of you and Mother Earth.  We refer this to as the “Designed Assault Against Humanity’s Awakening”.  It’s a strategy to keep people from awakening at all costs AND vibrating with Self Love, as well as be in Sacred Partnerships.  Becoming awake and aware isn’t enough…you need SOLUTIONS that can IMMEDIATELY assist you in SHIFTING your current experience.

Are you seriously ready to create an EXIT STRATEGY from that reality?

Welcome to “Wake Up…Shift Is Happening!, I’m Deborah Ariel Pietsch… an Award-Winning Producer, Telepath, Activator, Way-Shower and Awakening Strategist.  I’d also like to introduce you to my Sacred Partner, Scott Bartle, who is a former luxury yacht captain, project manager, filmmaker, has had an amazing transformational journey since we met and started spending 24/7 together in December 2013. (“Our cosmic Sacred Partnership story” to be shared soon)!  Together we have been creating, fortifying and Activating a Unified Field for the New Earth Reality… preparing to support humanity to release from the Enslavement Matrix and Awakening to our True Essence as powerful, God Creator Beings of Light, which is the MOST important aspect of our collective life’s mission.

We are here to support you (should you choose) to create a successful Exit Strategy (transcending) out of that Matrix and powerfully Activate a Fresh Start of your ability to Create Your Reality, as we Activate Codes of Creation and Your I AM Presence, just for starters.  It’s important to address all aspects of that reality that you are leaving behind though…including TRANSMUTING all of the wounds, programs, beliefs, disbeliefs, and yes, even the sinister energies that are currently infiltrating most of our daily experiences. Still interested?  Not sure exactly what we’re talking about?  Keep engaging!  We would love to support you!

“We are at CHOICE POINT!  It’s time…to powerfully address the utter mess the planet and humanity is in right now”  This upside down journey with all of the external interference and gross abrogation of Free Will  most people are experiencing is NOT how we are meant to be awakening!!  We are engaging in the truth of where things are – not just the “it’s all love and light”.  We’ve created experiential tools and proven solutions to support you with immediate solutions so you can return to a thriving, loving, abundant life,
the way we are meant to live!”
Deborah Ariel Pietsch


Counter Protocol of Light Event Superbowl 2015

Custom Private Tool Deborah Pietsch

Clearing Your Field 3 Disc Bundle

11-11 Gateway Activation Live Webinar

Are You Experiencing Any of This?

  • A lack of financial abundance?
  • Law of Attraction NOT working for you?
  • Lack of resources to assist your soul’s work from thriving?
  • Challenges with people close to you?
  • Judgements and / or Projections from others who think you “should” be doing something different with your life?
  • Your soul’s mission being thwarted?
  • Projects that would move your soul mission & heart’s desires forward get blocked?
  • Deception almost everywhere you turn in media, banking, world governments?
  • A lack of joy, excitement and true happiness?
  • Unable to manifest the way you used to be able and even before 2001?
  • Not being in a loving, conscious, soul sacred partnership?
  • Not being able to FEEL your heart’s desires?
  • Challenges getting out of bed in the morning – not from just a lack of passion, but something feeling like “paralysis”?
  • Illogical challenges with money, relationships & even technology?
  • Not able to connect with your Higher Self?
  • Isolation and not engaging with a spiritual community?
  • Being in a Suspended Animation – like a continuous Ground Hog Day??

Solutions – Immediate Profound Shifts Can Occur!!!

  • We’ll assist you to understand the (real) BIG PICTURE
  • Powerful Experiential Tools, such as “Mastering Clearing Your Field”, “Calling Back Your Energy” and much more
  • Understand WHY things and such a mess on the planet, January 2015, so you can engage with the powerful solutions to transcend the “mess”
  • Learn about, Engage with and Activate your Alchemical Transformations of Ascension
  • Become a part of the powerful New Earth Unified Field
  • Expand your multi-dimensional awarenes and ability to “tune-in” with your Higher Self & Guides
  • Activate your I AM codes, DNA & Soul ReMembrance Codes
  • Invoke  and create relationship with Your Higher Self
  • Invoke your Being of Light Guides
  • Activate Your Heart’s Desires
  • Experience new transformational media; iTV & Radio
  • Engage w/ Prime Creator Wisdom Teachings & Life Force
  • Align with new status quo frequencies and alchemy such as “I AM Love, I AM Light & I AM Gratiude”
  • Make the transformation to Become Your Own Guru!
  • Transcend Duality and the Enslavement / Deception Matrix
  • And Much, Much, Much More!!!
It’s Time for real Solutions, Tools & Community to support you to move beyond the Deception Reality…

Step #1: Experiential Tools to Change Your Life Immediately
Yes Right Now!

Banner 4x Clearing Your Field 160x160Tools #1 – #4 “Clearing Your Field” are the foundational tools for everything we do.  “It wasn’t meant to be” becomes an expression from the past when you realize that there are outside interferences, entities and non-physical energies affecting you in moving forward.  Learn how to immediately shift that experience by becoming firmly empowered in your I AM Presence as you learn to powerfully “Clear Your Field” of everything that is abrogating your Free Will.  Oct 2014 we introduced four new experiential tools including clearing tools for re-engaging in the morning, preparing for sleep at night and Scott’s Emergency Break Glass for when you’ve been in a toxic situation, conversation.  Other experiential tools are available as well!

3-day Retreats in Your Home: Live Interactive, Experiential Webinars w/ Unique Multi-Dimensional Interaction

Banner 3 Day CoCoon RetreatUnique, powerful, transformational retreats – in YOUR home / sacred space.  Deb & Scott’s work with you during Live, interactive group webinars as well as multi-dimensionally with your Higher Selves throughout the retreat. It’s common for people to experience Deb & Scott in their dreams during the retreat! Many powerful teachings are brought through during the retreats. You are empowered & Activated to experience your I AM Presence, loving yourself, transmuting & clearing emotional charges & wounds, becoming  consciously aware of being multi-dimensional and much more.  Retreats turbo charge your awakening!! . …more

Private Sessions: Telepathic Communication with Your Higher Self & Guides Along with Activations

Private Sessions with Deborah Ariel  PietschWould you like to get immediate DETAILED INFORMATION and INSIGHTS about your journey?  Would YOU like to ask your Higher Self questions and get ANSWERS?  Would you like to immediately clear away energies that aren’t serving your Highest Good; that are most likely keeping you from moving forward? Would you like to ACTIVATE DNA,   I AM codes for Ascension and much more? Then you may want to consider a private session with Deb. The private session work is very powerful & immediate results occur. You get a “fast track” of movement.  Something new that Deb just made available is a CUSTOM Private Experiential Tool as an optional tool to made after a private session. 

Scott Bartle Shares His Awesome Transformational Awakening Experiences Since December 2013 – The Journey from His Head back to His Heart!

It’s important to note that Scott arrived at Deb’s Mt. Shasta Retreat Center in December 2013 with Chris Hales to do a month of spiritual expansion.  Scott stayed 3 months and he and Deb got married in February 2014!
Scott and Deb have mostly been “working behind the scenes” since December 2013.  There are many reasons for this.  Some of them will be shared as they now are emerging out in the world again – January 2015.

Their romantic relationship and spiritual journey has been a very multi-dimensional one from the beginning.  Their spiritual focus has included a tremendous amount of telepathic communication with their Being of Light Guides, Higher Selves, up-leveling their energetic fields, Activating a Unified Field for the New Earth Reality and hmmm…more!!

  • Scott’s journey of transformation begins with his journey of living in his head to bridging to living in his heart
  • “Becoming emotionally available which starting with Loving Himself
  • Being willing to do deep exploration within his experiences to clear any of the beliefs, disbeliefs, wounds & other aspects of beingness that wasn’t serving him in his Highest Good
  • Understanding the magnitude of outside interference and how to clear it from his field
  • Releasing judgments about himself and others to come into alignment with loving unconditionally
  • Allowing the natural flow of being a teacher & coach emerge to become a spiritual teacher
  • One of his specialties is working with the men of the world to acknowledge, Activate and re-engage with the emotional body (feminine energy) – so they can be emotionally available to themselves and others.
  • Watch part two here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlIAmBg8NdY

Wake Up..Shift Is Happening!  iTV Broadcast Presents Project Bumble Bee “Creating the Reality of the Global Transfer of Wealth” aka Global Currency ReSet

Humanity is at Choice Point…Which Reality Are You Choosing and Creating?
In October 2014, we did 3 live iTV shows to CLAIM, ANCHOR & ACTIVATE the REALITY that the Global Currency ReSet / Global Transfer of Wealth is DONE NOW!!!  Together with 100’s of live viewers we claimed the reality of the New Earth and “LIFE AFTER REVALUATION! …together we CAN shift the “field” frequency of this reality!

Through our collective thoughts, emotions, intentions and a powerful alignment as a Unified Field (hence Project Bumble Bee), as well as transcending and transmuting the energy pattern of HOPE to the BEINGNESS and even the DOINGNESS that your life–and the collective of the 1000’s of people aware of this possible reality—already looks, feels, tastes and IS the reality AFTER your awesome exchange process.

BuzzSaw ~ iTV Show Mar 10 2014

BuzzSaw iTV ShowDeborah Pietsch & Scott Bartle were invited to join Sean Stone (Oliver Stone’s son) and Tyrel Ventura (Jesse Ventura’s son) with Tabetha Wallace on their iTV show, “BuzzSaw” with LipTV. The topics discussed in this fast-paced 44 minute show covered:

•    The Deception Reality Matrix
•    Challenges of dealing with a system that doesn’t want people to thrive
•    Scott Bartle’s, documentary, “What the F.U.Q. Frequently Unanswered Questions (of the Australian Government)” .. upon importing his 1959 Corvette!
•    How the Unified Field of consciousness creates our reality
•    An introduction to how the media utilizes our emotions (fear, survival, shock & awe etc) to keep us in a state of survival and challenging experiences in our daily lives
This is the beginning of the introduction of the actual solutions you can engage with to shift your reality.

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