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“The Shift” – Happening Before Our Eyes~Global $ Changes WILL Affect Your/Our Journey

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Part 1: “The Shift” Has Begun To Be Visible

The Shift of the Ages is unfolding right before our / your eyes…literally right now…IF you are paying attention!  The world – most of the countries around the world have spoken with their money choices…this week, this Spring Equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere), March 22, 2015.  Unprecedented changes in the global economic situation is happening RIGHT NOW, which is levelling the playing field for the rest of the world … from being under the war machine and criminals “running the U.S. and the fiat currency of the federal reserve.  The stage is being set for much more truth, transparency and FLOW of financial abundance and resources.

Our Great Awakening has very much been hijacked in many ways…and one of the most devastating ways it’s been affected is by the unnatural non-flow of money and resources…Does this ring true for your experience, at least in the last couple of years?

This is part of what I refer to as the “Designed Assault Against Humanity’s Awakening”.

If you’re experiencing a lack of abundance, challenges with soul mission projects coming into fruition and other aspects of not having regular abundant flow of resources, then understand that this is not because you don’t know how to work with spiritual practices such as Law of Attraction or how to manifest.  There has been a global conspiracy to manipulate, invert (through rituals with the U.S. dollar bills) and ruthlessly deceive in order to stop, block and control the natural law of “currency” flow.  The details that we’ll be sharing in the months to come, will shed light on many of the ways the “handlers” & “controllers” of this planet, have so effectively hijacked our Great Awakening.  And how we are going to get past this mess… Continue Reading →

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Fox News Judge Napolitano Questions Government Motives Did It Get Him Fired?

Judge Andrew NapolitanoHave anyone in your life that thinks you’re a ‘Conspiracy Nut’ because you question government and their motives?

This 5 minute clip might excite those who don’t ordinarily believe anything that isn’t broadcast on CNN, FOX or any other mainstream news media outlets. Judge Andrew Napolitano poses a series of questions that would ordinarily be quashed should they be raised on any ‘Alternative Media’ website… yet here is a Judge on a major media network questioning the fundamental rights and the backbone of government.

Asking questions as Judge Andrew Napolitano did in a recent broadcast on his now cancelled daily show may very well be the reason behind his dismissal from Fox. Though specific details are hard to come by because the Judge has yet to give any interviews on the matter, it’s believed that his refusal to bow to commonly manufactured media narratives is among one of several key reasons he is no longer with the network. Continue Reading →

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Former Canadian Defence Minister Honorable Paul T Hellyer – America is in Grave Danger

Paul HellyerShedding Light on the shadow government both in your experience and the macro-cosm is imperative in order for us to move forward… you may wonder, why, why look back? Because we must understand the debacled mess in order to heal, clear, transmute and transcend it, individually (it always starts there) and then collectively…our consciousness MUST shift dramatically in order to experience a world of peace and a world of love… and it’s going to take us working together… seriously rolling up our sleeves, and working through this… and much of this is coming back into alignment with the Glory of God and ourselves as God Beings of Light & Love – not just in our heads, but in our hearts… that electromagnetic energy that pulsates true love for ourSelves and for each other… authentically!

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Valentines Day Live iTV Broadcast Heart Activation We Are A Planet of Love!

Valentines Day 2015 iTV Broadcast Square

Will You Be Your Own Valentine?
FREE Engagement Gift: 33 Days of I AM Loving MySelf

Love is a vibration that is “at the heart of all creation”.  We are beings of Light & Love.  We are (meant to be) a planet of Love, not a warring planet.  Otherwise, why would we have our emotional bodies?  Join us for this awesome broadcast, as we discuss the “KEYS” of creation, all sorts of aspects of Love AND how absolutely imperative it is to have the electromagnetic energy of a LOVING heart to create and manifest all the abundance your heart desires.

We have been inundated with lower vibrational experiences, especially since for the past 14 years, since the 9/11 event. Without going into a lot of detail here of how, why or what (yet)… what is now occurring on the planet is an “unwinding” of MUCH of the DECEPTION that was able to create a foothold into the current matrix and “timeline”.

Some of the domino effects of these past 14 years, is that from the microcosm perspective of our individual lives, we’ve had  a lot of disheartening, heart wrenching and heartbreaking experiences. The same can be seen on the macrocosm. We are now on the other side of a 13 year dark downward spiral, that was implemented (mostly without of our knowledge or consent) during the 9/11 event. Continue Reading →

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Counter Protocol of Light Event ~ Super Bowl 2015

The first Counter Protocol of Light Event was incredible. Running for three hours Sean Stone, Freeman Fly, Jamie Hanshaw, David Naizir, Sarah Adams, Patrick Henningsen and Mark Passio joined Deborah Pietsch and Scott Bartle in neutralizing the sinister energetic effects of the Super Bowl Half Time Show. The first part of the broadcast discussed how these events “in plain sight” are used as ceremonies and rituals despite mainstream awareness. Further dispelled were some of the ‘New Age’ beliefs such as not wanting to engage with darker subjects such as satanic ritual for fear of ‘giving it energy’ – look out for Mark Passio addressing this matter. A huge thanks to all who participated. There will be more events like this scheduled.

Being In Your I AM Presence Isn’t JUST About Looking At Light & Love. It’s also Standing Powerfully Proclaiming Love While Transmuting Dark! THAT’s HOW We Transcend Duality
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Press Release: Neutralizing Super Bowl Half Time Show Satanic Ritual 2015


Sean Stone – Freeman Fly – John Ramirez
Jamie Hanshaw – Sarah Adams

Mark Passio – Patrick Henningsen

Join Deborah Pietsch & Scott Bartle of
Wake Up… Shift Is Happening TV & Radio,

A LIVE iTV Experiential Broadcast
“Counter Protocol of Light Event”
Neutralizing the Sinister Energies of the
Super Bowl Half Time Show Satanic Ritual

Sunday February 1st 3:30pm PST / 6:30pm EST US

TIMEZONE Conversion:
1. Register  2. Engage  3. Activate  4. Unify  5. Neutralize

Counter Protocol of Light Event Superbowl 20151st HALF:
Expert Roundtable that will blow your socks off!
Powerfully creating awareness, decoding the symbology, empowering you with information & insights and connect dots you may NEVER have thought would be connected or have any bearing in YOUR daily life. Continue Reading →

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James Gilliland On Infiltration, Symbolism, The Occult & The Super Bowl

James Gilliland image

Live iTV Show:  Deb, Scott & James Gilliland
5pm PST / 8pm EST

As a pre-cursor to our upcoming “big game day event”, Deb & Scott are excited to be joined by James Gilliland of ECETI.  Many of you are aware of, and may engage with James’ shows, events, and the awesome things he reveals from his ranch, known as ECETI.  This show is a bit expansive as we get into some interesting stuff around every day infiltration,  the occult, satanic rituals, symbolism and how it’s all affecting our daily lives. Bookmark this page –  Join us here:

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What is a Counter Protocol of Light? ~ An Interview by Chris Hales

A Counter Protocol of Light Event is an event or broadcast intended to neutralize the sinister energetic effects of a public satanic ritual or ceremony. Alternative Media have comprehensively documented the overt satanic symbolism in major events such as the Super Bowl Half Time Show and The Grammy Awards. Rather than providing post commentary and analysis after the sinister intent and the effect of the ritual is complete, a Counter Protocol of Light Event is a live broadcast, proactively addressing these public rituals AS they happen, with the intention of transmuting the effect of the ritual. How the energy will be transmuted will be revealed during the show.

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iTV Show ~ Project BumbleBee GCR Activation

Hello Beautiful Being of Light!
How is your life right now?  Are you thriving in every way you want and with your heart’s desires leading the way?  Are you in alignment with all the resources you need and want to be living the life you desire?
If you’re not then you’re not alone.  The question is – what are you doing about it or what are you WILLING to do about it? 
The live shows we’re presenting right now, again tonight, are filled with the information, the insights, the powerful tools we’ve been engaging in…PLUS the assembly of a team of beings of Light that are supporting us – and you – should you choose – to create your exit strategy out of the Deception Reality Matrix.
The question is..
…if you are not living in the love, light, gratitude vibration that you desire – with ALL of the resources (yes, including money) you need & want…then are you ready to engage in a different way?  Our heart’s desires include people quickly experiencing the BIG SHIFTS and yes, part of this is money being released.  We know people who have received “funding”, their bank accounts show the balances, but they haven’t been able to touch it…it’s time to SHIFT that reality – and collectively we can do that NOW!
If you answered yes to this question, then PLEASE engage with the Live Shows we are presenting right now, tonight is the 2nd one.  It’s experiential and the feedback has been awesome!
The way to engage with tonight’s show is listed below…
We are sending you bunches of Love!

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Live Tuning In ~ 2014 Jun 22

Live ActivationsLast Academy Live Tuning-In Session / Webinar until after “Fresh Start Program”

There are details in the recording of the LIVE webinar session we did with everyone…both from “The Academy Team” and the members.

…The tuning-in sessions with everyone was quite powerful, detailed and some of it emotional.

We also shared details about why we have paused The Academy – stopping all payments as of June 22nd…as we take a much, much needed hiatus and break from any output or “transitions”. All 3 of us, Deb, Scott & Liz are on a major Fresh Start Program. Continue Reading →

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