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Valentines Day Live iTV Broadcast Heart Activation We Are A Planet of Love!

Valentines Day 2015 iTV Broadcast Square

Will You Be Your Own Valentine?
FREE Engagement Gift: 33 Days of I AM Loving MySelf

Love is a vibration that is “at the heart of all creation”.  We are beings of Light & Love.  We are (meant to be) a planet of Love, not a warring planet.  Otherwise, why would we have our emotional bodies?  Join us for this awesome broadcast, as we discuss the “KEYS” of creation, all sorts of aspects of Love AND how absolutely imperative it is to have the electromagnetic energy of a LOVING heart to create and manifest all the abundance your heart desires.

We have been inundated with lower vibrational experiences, especially since for the past 14 years, since the 9/11 event. Without going into a lot of detail here of how, why or what (yet)… what is now occurring on the planet is an “unwinding” of MUCH of the DECEPTION that was able to create a foothold into the current matrix and “timeline”.

Some of the domino effects of these past 14 years, is that from the microcosm perspective of our individual lives, we’ve had  a lot of disheartening, heart wrenching and heartbreaking experiences. The same can be seen on the macrocosm. We are now on the other side of a 13 year dark downward spiral, that was implemented (mostly without of our knowledge or consent) during the 9/11 event. Continue Reading →

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Counter Protocol of Light Event ~ Super Bowl 2015

The first Counter Protocol of Light Event was incredible. Running for three hours Sean Stone, Freeman Fly, Jamie Hanshaw, David Naizir, Sarah Adams, Patrick Henningsen and Mark Passio joined Deborah Pietsch and Scott Bartle in neutralizing the sinister energetic effects of the Super Bowl Half Time Show. The first part of the broadcast discussed how these events “in plain sight” are used as ceremonies and rituals despite mainstream awareness. Further dispelled were some of the ‘New Age’ beliefs such as not wanting to engage with darker subjects such as satanic ritual for fear of ‘giving it energy’ – look out for Mark Passio addressing this matter. A huge thanks to all who participated. There will be more events like this scheduled.

Being In Your I AM Presence Isn’t JUST About Looking At Light & Love. It’s also Standing Powerfully Proclaiming Love While Transmuting Dark! THAT’s HOW We Transcend Duality
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James Gilliland On Infiltration, Symbolism, The Occult & The Super Bowl

James Gilliland image

Live iTV Show:  Deb, Scott & James Gilliland
5pm PST / 8pm EST

As a pre-cursor to our upcoming “big game day event”, Deb & Scott are excited to be joined by James Gilliland of ECETI.  Many of you are aware of, and may engage with James’ shows, events, and the awesome things he reveals from his ranch, known as ECETI.  This show is a bit expansive as we get into some interesting stuff around every day infiltration,  the occult, satanic rituals, symbolism and how it’s all affecting our daily lives. Bookmark this page –  Join us here:

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iTV Show-Episode 4~The Magical Mystery Tour of the Pyramids

Patrick FlanaganJoin Dr. Patrick Flanagan in finding out why & how the pyramids tie in with ‘The Shift’ and your transformation.

Many ancient wisdoms and truths are now shifting into the forefront of our conscious awareness.  Why?  Because our world, our planet, our personal reality and the “enslavement matrix” we’ve been living in, is about to dramatically SHIFT — and it’s all tied into, believe it or not, THE POWER OF THE PYRAMIDS!

Deborah Ariel Pietsch and Dr. Patrick Flanagan engage in a lively, informative conversation as they together lay the foundation for profound discoveries that are being unveiled and revealed.  Learn how everything is tied in together for The Shift and your personal transformation.

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iTV Show-Episode 3~Pineal Gland Activation, St. Germain, Alchemy, I AM Presence

St Germain

It’s Time to Get this Party Rockin’!  This is the beginning of the experiential, transformational aspect of this show!

“Live” Activation transmissions begin during this Show!!

Understanding alchemy is key to the transformational metamorphosis that we, as humans, are meant to be experiencing.  St. Germain, is one of the Ascended Masters who has walked on this planet in recent times.  His journey of supporting humanity is rarely understood by many who hear about him as it relates to alchemy, the current banking situation, as well as the humanitarian funds that were meant to be released to humanity in & around September 2001.

Today’s show will:

  • Getting to know “the man” Count St. Germain
  • What is alchemy and how does this tie-in with St. Germain?
  • Begin Activating Your “I AM Presence”
  • Give You Tools to Powerfully Reclaim & Command Your Energetic Sovereignty
  • Provide Mental Awareness of Key Elements
  • Reveal how St. Germain ties in with the Rothschilds
  • Piece together much more…

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iTV Show~Episode 2~Frank Ferrante’s Transformation – Recognizing “Breakdown” to get to “Breakthrough”

May I Be FrankFrank Ferrante, of “May I Be Frank”, is the powerful representation of how we must recognize the breakdown in our own lives, and the choices that need to be made if we choose to transform and thrive as individuals as well as a collective humanity.

Frank’s journey of choices after accepting a 30 day cleanse challenge, because he was “sick of being sick AND because he wanted to be in a loving relationship one more time before leaving the planet”, is one the most poignant journey’s of transformation most of us have had the blessing to watch unfold.

If you haven’t seen his documentary, then please get it and view it.  It’s AMAZING, heart-warming and one of the most authentically emotionally raw cinematic experiences I’ve had.  I was blessed to meet Frank and experience his film at one of the first film festivals it was shown.  Deep transformation ain’t for the faint of heart!  Introducing…Frank…

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iTV Show-Episode 1~Becoming FREE & Sovereign Beings of Light

This is episode #1 of 9 shows that were broadcast LIVE from July 20th to September 30th 2012.  The show was put on “hold” after being asked by my “Guides” to work more behind the scenes for a time while more of the world’s challenges, including the financial / currency wars played out.  At the time, none of us thought that, this would take as long as it did or as much concentrated effort as it did.  All of the guests are awesome and I’m blessed to be able to bring you this information and these insights and  (note from Deborah February 2015).

This show / vehicle is intended to empower you with truth — by becoming a reliable resource for information, inspiration, and experiential tools; and also activate you, ignite your soul remembrance, provide solutions and most of all — provide a place of hope, compassion & love, including an awareness of:

  • Our planet is undergoing a transformational awakening
  • Time to wake up to all the truths vs. the reality we’ve been fed
  • Multi-dimensional beings who are offering assistance
  • AND a total Remembrance of Who We Are on a Soul level

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