Introducing New Blog~Shift Is Happening ~Beings of Light Unite~Intentions

Beings of Light UniteWake Up Shift Is Happening – ‘Beings of Light Unite’ Blog is intended to connect the dots and make sense of the Deception Matrix so we can unwind from the downward spiral of experiences of the last 100+ years. This foundation of understanding and awareness is essential to bridging the experiences of suspended animation (feels like Groundhog Day), and effects of the black magic and satanic rituals, that create inversions (where bad becomes good, perverse becomes acceptable etc), in both the microcosm of our daily lives and the macrocosm of life in the big picture. This Designed Assault Against Humanity’s Awakening has been a deliberate attempt to prevent our being able to Anchor, Activate or even Acknowledge our Divinity as God Beings of Light. ‘Beings of Light Unite’ is focused on creating a powerful Unified Field as we proclaim from our Activated and empowered I AM Presence, that WE ARE a planet of Love. Join us as we fully Activate the alchemical metamorphosis process for our intended multi-dimensional ascension and expansion in a grounded global strategy to unify all Beings of Light that are or ready to claim sovereignty, freedom, transparency, truth and love, as the only option for our planet.

As Scott and I launch and introduce the next phase of our public spiritual work, we look forward to sharing with you what is appropriate and in the Highest Good of humanity, as we continue to forge forward with the restoration of humanity. We are here to bring Light, Love and insights that are meant to be consumed by the general public, that will strategically support the unfoldment of this process. That work has begun on a multi-dimensional aspect and more of that will be revealed as we gain momentum with this endeavor.

Know that you are an imperative part of this restoration… we are not meant to rely on the E.T.’s, the white hats, “the Resistance” or any other group (real or fabricated) to be our saviour. The current mess that exists as our human experience is going to take all of us working together, unifying, rolling up our sleeves and make serious changes… both personally and in the collective of humanity. We must each be willing to review our “blind spots”, again, individually and in the macrocosm and make choices that are wise, conscious and aligned with our intentions of turning this collective experience around to one of peace, sovereignty and love. May your moment to moment choices be aligned with that which you intend for your transcendence, as well as for the Highest Good for those around you, all involved and for humanity. We are a global community coming out of a very, very dark time, full of intense deception, heart-ache and lack… may we shine light on every aspect of this experience to make it transparent to all – no matter what the subject is – in order to elevate it, transmute it and transform it to LIGHT.

“Wake Up…Shift is Happening! (transformational & experiential media), Beings of Light Blog and all endeavors that Scott and I bringing forth, as well as the team of people around us, are committed to the utmost integrity and holding the line as “bridgers” for this transitional time. We are committed to providing a foundation of knowledge, wisdom and insights that will assist you, support you and empower you to continue to engage with your individual awakening & transformation, as well as our collective evolution.

With Love and Love,
Deb & Scott