iTV Show-Episode 3~Pineal Gland Activation, St. Germain, Alchemy, I AM Presence

St Germain

It’s Time to Get this Party Rockin’!  This is the beginning of the experiential, transformational aspect of this show!

“Live” Activation transmissions begin during this Show!!

Understanding alchemy is key to the transformational metamorphosis that we, as humans, are meant to be experiencing.  St. Germain, is one of the Ascended Masters who has walked on this planet in recent times.  His journey of supporting humanity is rarely understood by many who hear about him as it relates to alchemy, the current banking situation, as well as the humanitarian funds that were meant to be released to humanity in & around September 2001.

Today’s show will:

  • Getting to know “the man” Count St. Germain
  • What is alchemy and how does this tie-in with St. Germain?
  • Begin Activating Your “I AM Presence”
  • Give You Tools to Powerfully Reclaim & Command Your Energetic Sovereignty
  • Provide Mental Awareness of Key Elements
  • Reveal how St. Germain ties in with the Rothschilds
  • Piece together much more…

Plus… Putting the Pieces Together:

What is The Shift? / The Event?
Several things are occurring simultaneously right now:

  • End of 26k year cycle – same as when Lemuria & Atlantis experienced destruction
  • Earth Changes
  • Atlantis Masculine / Lemurian Feminine
  • Bringing everything into balance inside of ourselves so we can experience the balance outside of ourselves – the mass consciousness shift
  • Old Paradigm infrastructures are crumbling
  • Celebrating this

What is the Great Awakening?

  • Awakening to our Soul Remembrance beyond 3D density
  • Transcending the 3D experience by alchemically Activating our I AM Presence
  • Activating our 5th Dimensional Genetic Codes – what does that look like?

What does living from an activated empowered I Am Presence feel like?

  • Inner Power that is unshakable — I AM That I AM
  • Able to reach Inner Stillness no matter what is going on around you
  • Visceral knowingness that no matter what is going on in the outside world, things will work out
  • No longer affected by programming or mind control that’s being put out via Media or HAARP
  • Compassion for every aspect of what is / has occurred — non judgmental and able to see
  • Emotional detachment from illusion / life stuff / but still fully experiencing emotions

How do we Activate our I AM Presence and bridge the relationship with our 5th Dimensional Selves?

  • I AM Presence and a full-on relationship with your Higher Self
  • Igniting and living from all cylinders / chakras / and LIGHT CODES being activated
  • Pineal and Merkaba Activations

St. Germain is a strong connection to further activate and understand your I AM Presence

  • Imperative part of history including the forming of the United States
  • Ascended Master – just like Master Jesus
  • An Alchemist just like Master Jesus and other “walking masters”
  • Why is it important to become aware of St. Germain specifically, at this time?
  • What is alchemy and why is it important to be aware of right now?
  • The Activation of your I AM Presence is at hand

How the Pineal gland has been / gets shut down

  • Fluoride in the water
  • Chemtrails, HAARP & mind control
  • Envisoning God as outside of yourself – giving your power away

Alchemy / Alchemical process of transformation

  • What is Alchemy?
  • Unification of thought and matter / Spirit
  • Our bodies are conduits for incredible magic


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  1. Linda says:

    This clip runs out for me at hour 1:38 minutes. Was really interested in the activation.

    1. Linda says:

      The problem is mine. I apologize for posting this. LOVED this activation!!! Thank you SO much!