“The Shift” – Happening Before Our Eyes~Global $ Changes WILL Affect Your/Our Journey

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Part 1: “The Shift” Has Begun To Be Visible

The Shift of the Ages is unfolding right before our / your eyes…literally right now…IF you are paying attention!  The world – most of the countries around the world have spoken with their money choices…this week, this Spring Equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere), March 22, 2015.  Unprecedented changes in the global economic situation is happening RIGHT NOW, which is levelling the playing field for the rest of the world … from being under the war machine and criminals “running the U.S. and the fiat currency of the federal reserve.  The stage is being set for much more truth, transparency and FLOW of financial abundance and resources.

Our Great Awakening has very much been hijacked in many ways…and one of the most devastating ways it’s been affected is by the unnatural non-flow of money and resources…Does this ring true for your experience, at least in the last couple of years?

This is part of what I refer to as the “Designed Assault Against Humanity’s Awakening”.

If you’re experiencing a lack of abundance, challenges with soul mission projects coming into fruition and other aspects of not having regular abundant flow of resources, then understand that this is not because you don’t know how to work with spiritual practices such as Law of Attraction or how to manifest.  There has been a global conspiracy to manipulate, invert (through rituals with the U.S. dollar bills) and ruthlessly deceive in order to stop, block and control the natural law of “currency” flow.  The details that we’ll be sharing in the months to come, will shed light on many of the ways the “handlers” & “controllers” of this planet, have so effectively hijacked our Great Awakening.  And how we are going to get past this mess…

Why go into this subject?  Why is the money and banking situation on the planet so important to understand as it relates to our awakening & ascension journey particularly at this time?  Because right now (until we change the $ game) it’s the main foundational element of trade for  value, foundational resource that’s been used to keep most of us individually and even most countries and really, the entire planet in a vibration of survival and control… and when you are in “survival”, it’s next to impossible to create, manifest, experience the vibration of love, abundance, expansion and… and… and… the list goes on… there’s good news and yet – especially for the U.S. there may be some very, very challenges…

It’s all SHIFTING – the power is shifting away from the “Cabal” or “Illuminati” or the “Shadow Government”, while further unifying the world leaders that had been held (by gun point, literally & figuratively) to remain under the controlling thumb of those controllers.

This is a vast, vast subject; one I [Deb] have literally, in the past 4+ years put several 1000’s of hours into tracking, understanding and doing many on-going group Activations (mostly private) focused on the energy of SHIFTING the power by proclaiming the NEW EARTH REALITY.

The good news is this… we are about to see very significant shifts and changes in the flow of resources, the challenging news is this… the U.S. will most likely experience tremendous upheaval as this “rebalancing” of the entire global economics hits the “reality field” of the U.S… and the more you understand what is going on, as in all WAYS, the better choices you can make and the better chances you have of staying ahead of the more challenging aspects of this major, major upheaval.

The information and the insights that I receive through these communications are usually quite profound and spot on, in relevance to the now understanding aspect of where humanity has been and currently experiencing.

Shedding Light on the shadow government both in your experience and the macrocosm is imperative in order for us to move forward…you may wonder, why, why look back? Because we must understand the debacled mess in order to heal, clear, transmute and transcend it, individually (it always starts there) and then collectively… our consciousness MUST shift dramatically in order to experience a world of peace and a world of love… and it’s going to take us working together… seriously rolling up our sleeves, and working through this… and much of this is coming back into alignment with the Glory of God and ourselves as God Beings of Light & Love – not just in our heads, but in our hearts… that electromagnetic energy that pulsates true love for ourSelves and for each other… authentically!

So we will be sharing some of the resources that we feel give you the clearest, most honest perspective of what’s been going – and then – we’ll begin to do more Counter Protocol of Light Events – just as one collective Action Step.